30 Before 30: Finish a Large Crochet Project

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I love how relaxing crocheting can be! It forces me to slow down a little, pay attention, and work on something creative with my hands. When I first learned to crochet almost 2 years ago, I ended up making scarves for my family for Christmas. The scarves were super easy plain straight scarves – no real pattern, just row after row of the same stitch. It was satisfying but  I wanted to start improving my skill set. I just needed a project with a real pattern and little higher difficulty.

Kristy is one of my best friends from my first stint in grad school back in Ohio – her and her husband Matt are expecting their first baby in February. I was so happy to get this news! We spent a ton of time setting up Face Time with each other so they could surprise me with the sonogram photo – amazing. Setting up Face Time was all under the guise of giving me a tour of their new house – I knew something was up, but I was so surprised! And now, I had a mission – baby blanket!

My friend Meredith, aka the Crochet Guru, showed me this amazing baby blanket pattern. She promised I’d be able to figure it out. After a few failed starts, I finally got the hang of the pattern. My first misstep was getting a yarn that was too thin which made it a little harder to work with as I was learning the pattern. I LOVE THIS YARN from Hobby Lobby is basically the bees knees when it comes to baby blanket yarn. It’s chunky and soft. You just want to curl up in it – see, perfect for a blanket!

I picked out beautifully delicate grey and yellow to match their nursery. I forgot to track my hours on making this blanket, which I’ll be sure to do with the next one I make. I spent several nights on it and even took it to Ohio with me over Christmas break to finish up before I had dinner with Kristy & Matt. Nothing like finishing gifts at the very last minute – but it meant so much to see them over Christmas and hand deliver the blanket.

It’s not perfect – I need to work on having uniform tension on all my stitches. But I’ll get better. And here’s what I figure – not much in life is perfect (especially parenting?!). But the blanket was made with love and that counts for a whole lot.

Here are a ton of photos of the process, final product, and handing it over to Kristy & Matt. I can’t wait to share photos of a little baby wrapped up in the blanket.

beginnings of a blanket little baby blanket blanket full view

full size blanket kristy opening blanket gift shelby and kristy blanket

What was your first big project? Is there a go-to gift you make for friends and family? Do you have a favorite crochet pattern for blankets?  

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  1. The finished product is beautiful and I’m sure your friends will cherish it.

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