30 Things to Accomplish before I Turn 30

As I celebrate my 29th birthday, I’ve decided to create a list of “30 Things to Do Before I’m 30″. Perhaps a little ambitious but go big or go home I suppose. The goal here is nothing habit changing like my often failed New Years Resolutions. Lists help me get stuff done, so this list will help encourage me to try new things or master new skills before I enter my 30′s – a time I assume will bring new goals or interests. Or whatever…it’s a list of fun stuff!

  1. Visit Seattle
  2. See Mt. Rushmore
  3. Hike a Colorado 14′er
  4. Get another tattoo
  5. Go white water rafting
  6. Finish a large crochet project
  7. Paint a masterpiece
  8. Earn my Masters in Public Administration
  9. Eat something totally new
  10. Go stargazing
  11. Learn to play chess
  12. Get a pet
  13. Fun photo shoot in a sunflower field
  14. Learn to hem pants
  15. Set a personal record
  16. Go to First Friday Art Walk
  17. Ride the light rail
  18. Take a spin class
  19. Confront a phobia (birds! ah!)
  20. Visit Alaska
  21. Take a cooking class
  22. Get a job
  23. Visit 4 Corners Monument – 4 states at once!
  24. Make sushi at home
  25. Go snowshoeing in RMNP
  26. Master the use of chopsticks
  27. Go horse-back riding
  28. Learn to make tortillas
  29. Enjoy a sunrise – plan it out and really enjoy the view
  30. Enjoy a sunset – plan it out and really enjoy the view

There is it! Please share your advice on any of the items, or offer to accompany me! 

18 thoughts on “30 Things to Accomplish before I Turn 30

  1. I also think the funniest item is “ride the light rail” – I’ve lived in Denver 3 years and never had a reason to ride it! But I guess you don’t always need a reason…I’ll just ride for fun someday! lol

  2. Great list! Wish we lived closer and I could join you on a few of them.

    • Will do. I hope my camera skills will improve as a byproduct! Multi-tasking skill improvements for the win!

  3. My favorite – mastering chop sticks. I cannot get this skill down to save my life.

  4. Can we get another tattoo together?!?! Let’s plan it!! I do love the chopsticks one as well :-)

  5. Love this list! Dan’s made sushi at home and I’ve hemmed pants, so we might be able to help you there if needed.

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