Uganda: Women’s Leadership Retreat

The third, and final, week of our trip was spent in southwestern Uganda at Lake Bunyonyi for a Women’s Leadership Retreat hosted at the new Entusi Resort & Retreat Center. This was an unforgettable week with amazing women. There 5 amazing women from the United States – from a former Colorado State Representative to a top executive at one of the world’s leading engineer-construction companies. In addition, we had an amazing group of Ugandan women leaders from NGO managers to talented musicology professors.

We had leadership sessions and break-out sessions like any other conference. The volume of the group grew louder and louder as the week went on – a good sign of bonding! Every day there was singing and dancing of some sort – from the Entusi Women’s Association from the area, from the participants, and one night even a local children’s dance crew. A few of us also got off the island to find internet mid-week. A crazy game of charades one night, good food every day, boat tours of the nearby islands, canoeing and swimming.

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