30 Before 30: Get another tattoo

There’s no going back now! Did you know that tattoos are permanent? HA! In the release form I had to sign at the tattoo studio, I had to acknowledge that I “Fully understand that tattoos are permanent. And the artist made no claims otherwise.” I found that hilarious for some reason. Kristina and I have […]

30 Before 30: Photoshoot in a Sunflower Field

Denver is beautiful. There are hidden gems all around this city. It’s great taking time to explore. I had read online about a sunflower field out by the Denver International Airport. The directions I read online were not quite accurate but I found the sunflower field! It’s almost directly under the flight path into DIA – […]

30 Before 30: Learn to make tortillas*

This is one of my more hilarious attempts at completing a #30Before30 project. Most recipes called for the use of lard, while some said that vegetable shortening (Crisco) was an acceptable substitute. Strike one – I didn’t have lard (nor did I go get any) so I used vegetable shortening. I also can’t find my […]

30 Before 30: Ride the light rail

It’s really exciting that the light rail system in Metro Denver is growing – with expansion to more suburbs and to the airport! However, Mike and I currently live in somewhat of a 2 mile radius – we live on the edge of downtown and both walk to work. My office is exactly 1 mile […]

30 Before 30: Take a cooking class

A few months ago my friend Meredith mentioned that she found a cake decorating class she was going to take. It was offered by the craft store Michaels and was only $20 for a four week course! Technically I had “take a cooking class” in my list but here’s the fun thing – I made […]

30 Before 30: Visit Mt. Rushmore

(Back in May…) Mike and I had a very busy Spring (job-related) and to celebrate a majority of the craziness being over – we headed off to Mt. Rushmore for our first free weekend! There are so many options of sites along the way and in the area of Mt. Rushmore – Mt Rushmore itself, […]

30 Before 30: Get a pet*

In some ways I was hoping this would encourage us to get a puppy or kitty – but instead, in the year before I turn 30 we decided a pet just wasn’t in the cards. At least not in the sense that we wanted. I really didn’t want a consolation pet (aka a fish). There is […]

30 Before 30: Eat something totally new

I had a great trip to North Carolina (back in February!) to visit Amy & Graham. I’d say it was quite the culinary tour. Friends since high school, Amy has lived with Graham in North Carolina for several years but I hadn’t had a chance to visit  - so I took a long weekend in […]